The Episcopal Parish of St. Mark and St. John

Since 1829, we have been meeting to worship God. Although our parish has congregated in a schoolhouse and two separate church buildings over the years, our mission has always been the same - to become more energetic, effective, and loving in accomplishing God's work in the Church and community. All are welcome to help us accomplish this mission. We happily accept visitors and new members.

Cristabelle Braden

Hi folks…  Well, Cristabelle did an outstanding job both in her concert and in providing her Christian Testimony before those gathered at St. Mark’s and St. John’s Saturday night!!  She was a joy to be with, and her music and testimony moved folks ever so deeply.

Following the evening’s festivities, and the required drinking of coffee… :), Cristabelle, her mother Cindy, and I were packing up the sound system when Cristabelle found the piano at the back of the church, and just had to play one more song!!  “My Way Out” is an original composition of Cristabelle’s, and describes how she found that our Lord and Savior was the only way out of the quagmire in which she found herself following that Traumatic Brain Injury.

If this old guy manages to do the embed code correctly, you should be able to view a video of Cristabelle performing that song here.



Well, folks, I was able to confirm that Danielle, James, and Cameron David did get to go home yesterday.  All are reported well!!  Beautiful young boy, isn’t he?  Can’t wait to see grandpa David, to see whether his feet are again touching the floor… :)
As for this old guy, I’m home too.  If it weren’t for the bandage on my back pulling from time-to-time, I’d really wonder whether they’d done anything.  I’ll be going out for a walk this afternoon, to see if the leg pain is reduced.  I’ll try not to overdo it, but if I’m gonna be in shape for the Race Street Run, I’d better get moving … :)

Fr. John