The Episcopal Parish of St. Mark and St. John

Since 1829, we have been meeting to worship God. Although our parish has congregated in a schoolhouse and two separate church buildings over the years, our mission has always been the same - to become more energetic, effective, and loving in accomplishing God's work in the Church and community. All are welcome to help us accomplish this mission. We happily accept visitors and new members.


I try not to do this too often, but I need to share a heart-stopper with you … When I got home last evening, Nancy told me that we had a message on the answering machine.  As that message started playing, and I realized that it was from the Department of the Army, my heart stopped for just a few beats.  You see, several days ago, Josh was transferred to Kandahar Air Field in preparation for returning to Bavaria.  We were anticipating his travel back to Bavaria today.  When the Sergeant who left that message got to the point where he said, “Your soldier has safely landed in Germany, and we will be having a welcoming ceremony in about 90 minutes”, I found that I was actually able to breathe again.  My mind, of course, went to the worst first.  Why is it that we do those things to ourselves?

Each member of each of our families richly deserves the prayer cover we supply for them.  Josh is no more, nor less, important than any other.  Nonetheless, I offer to each of you who provided the covering of prayer for him and the members of his platoon during their deployment to Forward Operating Base Pasab, Kandahar Province, Afghanistan my most humble thanks.  Today, rather than IED’s or snipers’ bullets, the greatest danger to his continued health is choking on a bratwurst, or aspirating a Lowenbrau!

Thanks again to all of you, from Fr. Dad … :)


To each of those who gave freely of both time and talent toward the Requiem for Bert Huggett on Monday, March 31st, my sincere thanks!!  Your willingness to assist with these types of events is indeed very much appreciated, and serves as a blessing to this parish and its parishioners.

Again, my heart-felt and deepest thanks to each of you!!

Fr. John